Tropical Madonna (2010) Oil on Canvas, 30x40                                                                                          El Secreto del Camafeo                       
                                                                                                                                                                      (2013) Oil on Canvas, 25x35.5, Private Collection.

             Carmen Miranda (2016) Oil on Canvas 30x40                                                    Holy Week in The Isle (2016) Oil on Canvas 30x24

                         Tucan (2015) Oil on Canvas 20x16                                                                             Flamingo (2015) Oil on Canvas 20x16

           Blue and Gold Macaw (2015) Oil on Canvas 20x16                                                          Scarlet Macaw (2015) Oil on Canvas 20x16

                    Love in Suspense (2015) Oil on Canvas 20x16                                                            Tropical Afternoon (2015) Oil on Canvas 201x16

                 Frutera (2012) Oil on Canvas 24x35.5, Private Collection                                                         Paraiso (2003) Oil on Canvas 25x30                               

The Black Swan -Swan Lake Ballet (2014) Oil on Canvas, 60x36                                The White Swan- Swan Lake Ballet (2014) Oil on Canvas, 60x36


            Sorrow of Lucretia, Mother of the Republic (2012) Oil on Canvas, 30x40                                Marilyn Monroe (2014) Oil on Canvas, 24x36


         Flowers in a Basket (2012) Oil on Canvas, Private Collection                                                 Mother's Love (2012) Oil on Canvas