Art- Marisset looks up to the great masters of old and today because of their attention to detail, conceptual ideas, and aesthetic qualities.

Some of her techniques include a la prima, sfumato, chiaroscuro, along with modern techniques. Marisset starts from a blank canvas and does not use graphing or a projector. She also does not paint on photos.

Early History- Born in Havana Cuba, Marisset is the daughter of a lawyer appointed judge and a nurse. Her grandparents immigrated to Cuba from Spain during the time of Franco, before the Cuban Revolution. Marisset's family left the Caribbean Island of Cuba and immigrated to Florida, USA, right after turning 3 years old.

The Zabner family is a great supporter and forever family.

Marisset's Original artwork cannot be reproduced in any way and are covered by copyrighted laws.

The beginning stage of "Holy Week in The Isle" 2017

The drawing on canvas of "Carmen Miranda" 2017.

This is the first coat of paint for the Black Swan (Swan Lake). Finished work was unveiled December 2014.

Tropical Madonna, Christmas Art Cocktail, 2013.

White Swan, Christmas Art Cocktail, 2014.
White Swan and Dark Swan, Dec 6 Cocktail, 2017. Coral Springs Museum of Art.